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How business Leadership is Changing With the Next Generation

By 2025, Millennials will make up 75% of the workforce. Many are moving into leadership positions as baby boomers are retiring. While they have gained a lot of wisdom from the success of previous generations, advancements in the digital landscape have given this group a clear advantage. Millennials are more fueled by innovation than older… Read more »

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How a B2B Retailer Grew Online Bill Pay Adoption By 14% a Month

Today’s consumers have the ability to browse, make purchases and manage their accounts online. Business buyers have come to expect the same capabilities from their suppliers. In fact, according to a recent McKinsey survey, a lack of speed in interactions with their suppliers—an inevitable result of manual processes—is the number-one pain point for B2B buyers.… Read more »

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How a B2B Retailer Instantly Approves 90% of its Online Credit Applications

Recently, BlueTarp partnered with a B2B retailer that was looking to gain an edge on its competition. Providing online applications with instant decisions proved to be a crucial step, leading to more and faster approvals, and ultimately boosting sales. Automating credit approvals leads to more and faster sales When BlueTarp started working with this B2B… Read more »

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How a B2B Retailer Grew Sales by Identifying Prospects that Spend 74% More

A national B2B retailer is partnering with BlueTarp for its customized credit management. In addition to improving its order-to-cash process, BlueTarp is helping the retailer accelerate their selling process, starting before a purchase or payment has even been made. Prescreening credit models that identify high-potential leads After only three months, they found that the newly… Read more »

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How to Cut Friction and Boost Collaboration Between Credit and Sales

In many companies, credit and sales goals aren’t totally contradictory, but they’re not perfectly parallel either—a dynamic that can cause unproductive friction that hurts the whole business. The sales team wants potential customers to be approved quickly and seamlessly—receiving a generous line of credit that they can start using immediately. Meanwhile, credit staffers want to… Read more »

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What Makes an Effective Self-service Customer Portal?

Although there are distinctions between the B2B and B2C buying experience, more and more B2B customers expect their suppliers to mirror the interactions they have with retailers in their personal lives. Today’s B2B buyers are self-sufficient and digitally focused, and they expect easy-to-navigate digital platforms that allow them to complete tasks without disrupting their workflow.… Read more »

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Why a 24-hour Credit Approval Isn’t Fast Enough

Success is no longer just the absence of problems. Sure, customers expect you to have the product they need, have it delivered promptly, have the order be accurately fulfilled, and be billed without error. However, in the world where the internet has set the standard for convenience and speed, saving customers’ time will earn you… Read more »