Rethink the power of your B2B credit program

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Improved customer experience

Offer online credit applications with instant decisions, online bill pay, and customized terms, lines and service for every customer.

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Cost-eliminating efficiencies

Reduce costs by automating your AR and letting us handle your billing, collections, cash apps and customer service. Improve cash flow with flexible funding options.

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Protection from credit risk

Reduce your risk from non-payment, slow pay and fraud with automated risk decisioning, monitoring and full or partial recourse.

Customize your order-to-cash process with a suite of technology, services, funding and risk protection

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Score your leads database for credit quality and predictors of spending, for improved sales targeting.

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Online App Portal

Instant decisions with high approval rates for immediate purchasing.

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Customer Treatment

Preselect each customer’s terms, lines, services, rewards, and other program features.

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Real-time authorizations. Choose frequency of settlements.

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Risk Protection

BlueTarp takes the risk and protects you from bad debt and fraud.

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Billing and Payments

Branded invoices or statements with flexible payment options. Automated cash apps.

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US based, B2B trained agents with relationship-focused approach for collections and customer service.

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Online Tools

You and your customers have full visibility and control with SmartView® dashboards.

Who benefits the most? You be the judge.

Your Customer

Consumers already manage their payments online and expect that same ease and convenience from their business suppliers. With BlueTarp, your customers have access to online credit applications with instant decisions for immediate online or offline purchasing. They also receive a dedicated portal to make a payment, download invoices and statements, and set preferences like electronic billing and auto-notifications. You choose the terms, rewards and other program features for every customer, so they have what they need to buy more from you.

We’ve helped companies:

  • Grow online bill pay adoption by 14% a month
  • Exceed expectations with customizable payment and notification options

Your Sales and Marketing Teams

Help your sales team quickly identify and connect with their best targets. BlueTarp will prescreen your lead lists and provide valuable insights into credit quality and predictors of spend. These results can be integrated directly into your sales team’s CRM system for a seamless experience.

Today’s customers are won or lost over the quality of their purchase-to-payment experience. With BlueTarp, you can provide a seamless credit approval process and provide tools so they can pay online, download statements, view past purchases and request more credit. They can customize their experience such as scheduling auto-notifications when a bill is due.

We’ve helped sales and marketing teams:

  • Identify prospects that spent 74% more
  • Instantly approve 90% of online credit applications

Your Finance and Credit Teams

In-house credit programs can become more costly and inefficient as companies grow. They can also hinder sales due to slow, manual processes or restrictive approval policies. BlueTarp provides a modern, fully customizable credit program that is often the same or lower cost than that of your in-house credit program.

BlueTarp frees up your team by handling one or more elements of the order-tocash process including flexible lines and terms, billing, payments, cash apps, collections and customer service. Our AR automation platform, combined with optional funding and risk recourse, helps drive sales growth and reduce risk.

We’ve helped finance and credit teams:

  • Reduce DSO by over 30%
  • Achieve a 90% match rate with automated cash apps
  • Convert 80% of credit card-on-account payers to other forms of payment
  • Achieve a 50% reduction in fraud

Your Ecommerce Team

Whether your customers buy online or offline, BlueTarp can help. We offer an integrated online terms account as an alternative to short term lending or credit cards. As a point-of-sale module, customers experience BlueTarp as just
another tender type.

Our online account management will exceed the expectations of your customers with flexible payment options, easy credit requests, and full visibility into purchase and payment history. Our tools can be provided through our portal or integrated into your existing online customer experience.

As you grow your ecommerce capabilities, your exposure to online risk is also growing. BlueTarp’s deep risk expertise and automated fraud tools proactively identify and prevent online fraud and other risks while encouraging your best customers to continue purchasing.


No upfront build costs

No software
licensing fees

Customized program pricing is based on options selected and volume commitments. BlueTarp is paid a small transaction fee for each sale.


BlueTarp works with a wide range of partners including ecommerce, technology and financial institutions. With a fully customizable B2B credit program, BlueTarp’s partners can expand their markets and exceed the expectations of their business customers.

Serving over 1,000 suppliers across industries

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